The Dark Precursor

Deleuze and Artistic Research

Edited by Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici, preface by Paulo de Assis, and contributions by Edward Campbell, Martin Scherzinger, Diego Castro Magas, Pascale Criton, Lois Fitch, Paolo Galli, Keir Go Gwilt, Jimmie LeBlanc, Nicolas Marty, Frédéric Mathevet, Vincent Meelberg, Gabriel Paiuk, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Steve Tromans, Mike Fletcher, Toshiya Ueno, Arno Boehler, Susanne Valerie, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Lindsay T. Gianuca, Oleg Lebedev, Tero Nauha, Catarina Pombo Nabais, Audrone Zukauskaite, Eric Alliez, Anne Sauvagnargues, Jurate Baranova, Zsuzsa Baross, Anna Barseghian, Stefan Kristensen, Lucia D'Errico, Elena Del Rio, Lilija Duobliene, Verina Gfader, John Miers, Adreis Echzehn, Elfie Miklautz, Marc Ngui, Andreia Machado Oliveira, Felix Rebolledo, Federica Pallaver, Mhairi Vari, Elisabet Yanagisawa, Manola Antoniolo, Jae Emerling, Ronny Hardliz, Andrej Radman, Ian Buchanan, Rahma Khazam, Erin Manning, Luis de Miranda, Janae Sholtz, and Mick Wilson

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Deleuze’s and Guattari’s philosophy in the field of artistic research
Gilles Deleuze’s intriguing concept of the dark precursor refers to intensive processes of energetic flows passing between fields of different potentials. Fleetingly used in Difference and Repetition, it remained underexplored in Deleuze’s subsequent work. In this collection of essays numerous contributors offer perspectives on Deleuze’s concept of the dark precursor as it affects artistic research, providing a wide-ranging panorama on the intersection between music, art, philosophy, and scholarship.

The forty-eight chapters in this publication present a kaleidoscopic view of different fields of knowledge and artistic practices, exposing for the first time the diversity and richness of a world situated between artistic research and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Within different understandings of artistic research, the authors—composers, architects, performers, philosophers, sculptors, film-makers, painters, writers, and activists—map practices and invent concepts, contributing to a creative expansion of horizons, materials, and methodologies.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

VOLUME 1: Paulo de Assis, Arno Böhler, Edward Campbell, Diego Castro-Magas, Pascale Criton, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Lois Fitch, Mike Fletcher, Paolo Galli, Lindsay Gianoukas, Keir GoGwilt, Oleg Lebedev, Jimmie LeBlanc, Nicolas Marty, Frédéric Mathevet, Vincent Meelberg, Catarina Pombo Nabais, Tero Nauha, Gabriel Paiuk, Martin Scherzinger, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Steve Tromans, Toshiya Ueno, Susanne Valerie, Audronė Žukauskaitė

VOLUME 2: Éric Alliez, Manola Antonioli, Jūratė Baranova, Zsuzsa Baross, Anna Barseghian, Ian Buchanan, Elena del Río, Luis de Miranda, Lucia D’Errico, Lilija Duoblienė, Adreis Echzehn, Jae Emerling, Verina Gfader, Ronny Hardliz, Rahma Khazam, Stefan Kristensen, Erin Manning, John Miers, Elfie Miklautz, Marc Ngui, Andreia Oliveira, Federica Pallaver, Andrej Radman, Felix Rebolledo, Anne Sauvagnargues, Janae Sholtz, Mhairi Vari, Mick Wilson, Elisabet Yanagisawa

Volume I: The Dark Precursor in Sound and Writing
Paulo de Assis
Part 1 Sound
The Obscure Precursor, French Modernism, and the Musics of the World
Edward Campbell
The Executing Machine: Deleuze, Boulez, and the Politics of Desire
Martin Scherzinger
Deleuze’s Fold in the Performing Practice of Aaron Cassidy’s The Pleats of Matter
Diego Castro-Magas
Variables, Diagrams, Process
Pascale Criton
Performing Music, Performing the Figure: Deleuze and Painting
Lois Fitch
Machining the Voice through the Continuous Variation
Paolo Galli
Templates for Technique in Mantel and Lachenmann: Between Transcendence and Immanence
Keir GoGwilt
Towards a Figural Paradigm in Music: Capture of Forces and Logic of Sensation in Géométries de l’abîme (LeBlanc), In Vivo (Cendo), and The Restoration of Objects (McCormack)
Jimmie LeBlanc
L ’image-temps: Conceptual Foundations of My Compositional Approach
Nicolas Marty
Circumstantial Scores, Graphic Scores, Extended Scores: The Work as “Ecopraxic” Rediagrammatisation
Frédéric Mathevet
Perform Now! The Ethics of Musical Improvisation
Vincent Meelberg
Thinking Sound through the Notion of the Time-Image: Deleuze’s Cinema Studies as a Model for Problematising Sound in Artistic Practice
Gabriel Paiuk
Re-Notations: Flattening Hierarchies and Transforming Functions
Einar Torfi Einarsson
Alone/Together: Simulacral “A-presentation” in and into Practice-as-Research in Jazz
Steve Tromans and Mike Fletcher
A Journey of Refrains, Vibes, and Ambiences: Félix Guattari in Terms of the Techno Party Scene
Toshiya Ueno, aka Toshiya the Tribal
Part 2 Writing and Staging
Corpus Delicti #2 // Untimely Precursors Lecture Performance*
Arno Böhler and Susanne Valerie
Deleuze’s Expressionism as an Ontology for Theatre
Zornitsa Dimitrova
Space and Sensation: Zoé Degani’s Art of Pluralising Signs Onstage
Lindsay Gianoukas
Journey into the Unknown: Romeo Castellucci’s Theatre of Signs
Oleg Lebedev
From Schizoproduction to Non-standard Artistic Research
Tero Nauha
Deleuze and Perversion
Catarina Pombo Nabais
Deleuze, Simondon, and Beckett: From Being to Becoming
Audronė Žukauskaitė
Volume II: The Dark Precursor in Image, Space, and Politics
Part 1 Image
On Contemporary Art and Philosophy: Towards a Diagrammatic Critique of Aesthetics
Éric Alliez
Deleuze and Guattari’s Digital Art Machines
Anne Sauvagnargues
Heterogeneity of Word and Image: What is the Possible Dark Precursor?
Jūratė Baranova
Godard and/with Deleuze: “C’est comme ça que le monde naît”
Zsuzsa Baross
No Voice is Lostor or, The Dead as a Witness
Anna Barseghian and Stefan Kristensen
)( Z )(
Lucia D’Errico
Digital Folds, or Cinema’s Automated Brain
Elena Del Río
Beyond Artist and Artisan: Performing Unformed Sound in the Art Machine
Lilija Duoblienė
Hollywood Flatlands: Taking a Line for a Walk
Verina Gfader
Bacon and the Cartoonist: The Emergence of the Figure through Two Opposing Diagrams
John Miers
al niente—a dissolution: Thinking in Images and Sounds
Adreis Echzehn and Elfie Miklautz
Drawings from A Thousand Plateaus
Marc Ngui
The Image as a Process of Invention within Artistic Research
Andreia Oliveira and Felix Rebolledo
Matter-flow: Studies of Minor Composition
Federica Pallaver
perpetual doubt, constant becoming
Mhairi Vari
The Fold: A Physical Model of Abstract Reversibility and Envelopment
Elisabet Yanagisawa
Part 2 Space
Urban War Machines
Manola Antonioli
Transmissibility: A Mode of Artistic Re-search
Jae Emerling
Architecture and Indifference
Ronny Hardliz
Zigzagging: Bound by the Absence of a Tie
Andrej Radman
Part 3 Politics
The Fear of Boredom
Ian Buchanan
Art, Knowledge, and the In-between
Rahma Khazam
In the Act: The Shape of Precarity
Erin Manning
On the Concept of Creal: The Politico-Ethical Horizon of a Creative Absolute
Luis de Miranda
Affects of Indeterminacy and Silence as Aleatory Intervals between Art and Philosophy: A Deleuzian Reading
Janae Sholtz
Something Along the Lines of . . .
Mick Wilson
Notes on Contributors
Index of Names
Index of Subjects

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ISBN: 9789461662330

Publication: February 28, 2018

Series: Orpheus Institute Series

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Lucia D’Errico is a musician and artistic researcher. She is research fellow at the Orpheus Institute Ghent.
Paolo Giudici is an artist-researcher and associated researcher at the Orpheus Institute.
Paulo de Assis is artist researcher (pianist, composer, music philosopher) and research fellow at the Orpheus Institute.
This is an outstanding collection of essays, whose authors find ingenious ways of relating the thought of Deleuze to various disciplines and engaging Deleuzian concepts with current research in their respective fields. (Ronald Bogue, University of Georgia, US)