Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance

Artists and Reseachers at the Orpheus Institute

Edited by Jonathan Impett, introduction by Jonathan Impett, and contributions by Paulo de Assis, Tom Beghin, Jo Bury, Rémy Campos, Paul Draper, Leonella Grasso Caprioli, Robert Höldrich, Esa Kirkkopelto, Kari Kurkela, Kari Kurkela, Bernard Lanskey, Don McLean, Susan Melrose, Ellie Nimeroski, Stefan Östersjö, Janet Ritterman, Frans de Ruiter, Gertrud Sandqvist, Huib Schippers, Georg Schulz, Vanessa Tomlinson, Peter Tornquist, Luk Vaes, Kevin Voets, Janneke Wesseling, and Kitty Zijlmans

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The Orpheus Institute celebrates 20 years of artistic research in music. Artistic research in music is now at a generational stage of development. How should it deal with its own maturing? From a kaleidoscope of individual pursuits, ethos and methodologies have emerged to encompass more distributed approaches. This transformation has taken place in parallel with changes in the dynamics and structures of culture, its institutions and constituencies. Artistic research maintains a productive dialectic between its potential status as discipline or as practice. It has developed topoi, tropes and its own canon of cases, texts and figures. How does it negotiate relationships with institutions, disciplines and bodies of theory while retaining the critical perspective of the artist? Twenty years ago the Orpheus Institute was founded in Ghent to pursue research through the practice of musicians and thus the Orpheus Institute is of the same generation as the field it was established to explore. This festive volume in honour of 20 years of the Orpheus Institute reviews the initial trajectory and looks ahead to the institute’s new position.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Contributors: Tom Beghin (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Paulo de Assis (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Leonella Grasso Caprioli (Conservatorio di Vicenza), Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Esa Kirkkopelto (University of the Arts, Helsinki), Kari Kurkela (University of the Arts, Helsinki), Susan Melrose (Middlesex University, London), Stefan Östersjö (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Gertrud Sandqvist (Malmö Art Academy), Huib Schippers, Vanessa Tomlinson, Paul Draper (Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University), Luk Vaes (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Janneke Wesseling/ Kitty Zijlmans (Leiden University)
Jonathan Impett

Part 1 Current Research

The Somatheme
Paulo de Assis

The C-natural That Wants to Be a C-sharp: Visions and Realities of Beethoven’s Broadwood
Tom Beghin

Thinking-through-Music: On Knowledge Production, Materiality, Embodiment, and Subjectivity in Artistic Research
Stefan Östersjö

Artistic Research Avant la lettre? The Case of Glenn Gould’s Brahms Concerto Interpretation
Luk Vaes

Searching for Depth in the Flat World: Art, Research, and Institutions
Esa Kirkkopelto

On Research, Truth, and the Art of Making Music: An Essay from a Psychodynamic-Philosophical Point of View
Kari Kurkela

Two Decades of Artistic Research: The Antipodal Experience
Huib Schippers, Vanessa Tomlinson, Paul Draper

Facing the Future Looking Back: Understanding Music as a Field of Knowledge One Hundred
Years Ago
Leonella Grasso Caprioli

New Knowledge from the Artist’s Perspective: On Artistic Research
Gertrud Sandqvist

Running in Circles, with “Music” in Mind
Susan Melrose

Q and A: Towards a Practice of Artistic Research
Janneke Wesseling and Kitty Zijlmans

Posing the Question within the Framework of Artistic Research
Janneke Wesseling

Giving an Answer
Kitty Zijlmans

The Contemporary Musician and the Production of Knowledge: Practice, Research, and Responsibility
Jonathan Impett

Part 2 Institutional Perspectives

A Conversation with Jo Bury
Ellie Nimeroski

The Impossible Unity of Musical Practice?
Rémy Campos

Frans de Ruiter

Artistic Research at the University of Music and Performing
Arts Graz: Interim Assessment and Perspectives
Robert Höldrich

From Audacious Vision to Impactful Reality: An Extraordinary Journey Worthy of Orpheus
Bernard Lanskey

Of Orpheus and Artistic Research
Don McLean

Whither Artistic Research?
Janet Ritterman

The Orpheus Institute: The Driving Force behind the “Artistic Research Movement”
Georg Schulz

Making Research Sound
Peter Tornquist

Conservatoires in Flux: Research in the Arts in the Flemish Conservatoires of the Twenty-First Century
Kevin Voets

Notes on Contributors

Format: Edited volume - ebook - PDF

316 pages

ISBN: 9789461662323

Publication: February 28, 2018

Series: Orpheus Institute Series

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Jonathan Impett is director of research at the Orpheus Institute and associate professor at Middlesex University London.
Paulo de Assis is artist researcher (pianist, composer, music philosopher) and research fellow at the Orpheus Institute.
Stefan Östersjö is a guitarist, chaired professor of Musical Performance in Piteå School of Music at Luleå University of Technology, and associate researcher at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent.