The Theory and Treatment of Depression

Towards a Dynamic Interactionism Model

Edited by Jozef Corveleyn, Patrick Luyten, and Sidney J. Blatt

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Edited volume - paperback

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Recent research indicates that depression, once believed to be a relatively benign disorder, is a highly recurrent disorder which does not respond well to treatment. This book brings together the latest thinking and research concerning depression, including epidemiological, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, developmental psychopathological, and neurobiological approaches, with the goal of fostering dialogue and enhancing integration to facilitate the development of more encompassing theories and more effective treatments for this disabling disorder.

Each chapter provides an overview of the state of the art of research in a particular area as well as an exploration of both the possibilities and the barriers towards integration with other approaches.

In an integrative Epilogue, the editors identify and discuss the points of primary convergence among these various approaches. They note a general dissatisfaction with the DSM approach to depression because it is insufficiently informed by basic research. In addition, they note a broad dissatisfaction with existing guidelines for the treatment of depression because these guidelines underestimate the need for more extended treatments for many patients as well as the importance of patient and therapist factors and the central role of the therapeutic alliance in treating depressed patients. As an alternative to the DSM approach, the editors propose an etiologically-based, dynamic interactionism model of depression that emphasizes recursive interactions between genetics, neurobiological factors, personality, and life stress in the etiology of depression. The volume closes with a discussion of the implications of this dynamic interactionism model for future research on mood disorders and for the development of treatment guidelines that are better informed by basic research and are more congruent with the complex clinical reality.

Robert S. Wallerstein

Patrick Luyten, Sidney J. Blatt and Jozef Corveleyn

Chapter 1
The life cycle of depression
Koen Demyttenaere, Lukas Van Oudenhove and Jürgen De Fruyt

Chapter 2
Mood and memory: A cognitive psychology perspective on maintenance of depressed mood and vulnerability for relapse
Dirk Hermans, Filip Raes and Paul Eelen

Chapter 3
The convergence among psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories of depression: Theoretical overview
Patrick Luyten, Sidney J. Blatt and Jozef Corveleyn

Chapter 4
The convergence among psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories of depression: A critical review of empirical research
Patrick Luyten, Jozef Corveleyn and Sidney J. Blatt

Chapter 5
A dialectic model of personality development and psychopathology: Recent contributions to understanding and treating depression
Sidney J. Blatt and Golan Shahar

Chapter 6
'Closed doors and landscapes in the mist'
1. Childhood and adolescent depression in developmental psychopathology
Nicole Vliegen, Patrick Meurs and Gaston Cluckers

Chapter 7
'Closed doors and landscapes in the mist'
2. Depression in psychodynamic developmental psychopathology: From single track models to complex developmental pathways
Nicole Vliegen, Patrick Meurs and Gaston Cluckers

Chapter 8
Corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) and major depression: Towards an integration of psychology and neurobiology in depression research
Stephan J. Claes and Charles B. Nemeroff

Towards integration in the theory and treatment of depression? The time is now
Patrick Luyten, Sidney J. Blatt and Jozef Corveleyn

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ISBN: 9789058674258

Publication: March 16, 2005

Series: Figures of the Unconscious 5

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Jozef Corveleyn is klinisch psycholoog en psychoanalyticus, gewoon hoogleraar aan het departement psychologie van de K.U. Leuven en deeltijds verbonden aan de Faculteit psychologie en pedagogiek van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.