The Sound of Architecture

Acoustic Atmospheres in Place

Edited by Angeliki Sioli and Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

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How sound and its atmospheres transform architecture

Acoustic atmospheres can be fleeting, elusive, or short-lived. Sometimes they are constant, but more often they change from one moment to the next, forming distinct impressions each time we visit certain places. Stable or dynamic, acoustic atmospheres have a powerful effect on our spatial experience, sometimes even more so than architecture itself. This book explores the acoustic atmospheres of diverse architectural environments, in terms of scale, program, location, or historic period—providing an overview of how acoustic atmospheres are created, perceived, experienced, and visualized. The contributors explore how sound and its atmospheres transform architecture and space. Their essays demonstrate that sound is a tangible element in the design and staging of atmospheres and that it should become a central part of the spatial explorations of architects, designers, and urban planners.

The Sound of Architecture will be of interest to architectural historians, theorists, students, and practicing architects, who will discover how acoustic atmospheres can be created without complex and specialized engineering. It will also be of value to scholars working in the field of history of emotions, as it offers evocative descriptions of acoustic atmospheres from diverse cultures and time periods.

Contributors: Anna Ulrikke Andersen (University of Oxford), Timothy Carey (Independent Scholar), Ricardo L. Castro (McGill University), Joseph L. Clarke (University of Toronto), Carlotta Darò (ENSA Paris-Malaquais), Michael de Beer (Independent Scholar), James Deaville (Carleton University), Ross K. Elfline (Carleton College), Clemens Finkelstein (Princeton University), Federica Goffi (Carleton University), Klaske Havik (TU Delft), Paul Holmquist (Louisiana State University), Pamela Jordan (University of Amsterdam), Elisavet Kiourtsoglou (University of Thessaly), Alberto Pérez-Gómez (McGill University), Cécile Regnault (Lyon School of Architecture), Angeliki Sioli (TU Delft), Karen Van Lengen (University of Virginia), Michael Windover (Carleton University).

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

“We need to pay attention to sound. We need to tune our body in the sound vibrations of place, be attentive to them, and try to understand how they influence us.”. Read a Q&A with the editors Angeliki Sioli and Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

Angeliki Sioli and Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

01. Atmospheres that Touch 
Angeliki Sioli and Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

Section #01: Room Vibrations
02. Listening with Christian Norberg-Schulz: Sonic Experience and Music Theory in his Writings 
Anna Ulrikke Andersen
03. Setting the Tone in Early 20th-century North American Living Rooms: The Parlor Piano 
Michael Windover and James Deaville
04. Playing to the Room: The Recording Studio as Instrument 
Timothy Carey
05. Vibe, c. 1969: The Technicity of Operative Ambience in Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios 
Clemens Finkelstein
06. Resonant Rooms as Tuning Forks: Architectural Implications of Sound Art 
Ross K. Elfline

Section #02: Building Pitches
07. The Happiness of the World at its Birth: Acoustic Atmosphere in the ‘General Effect’ of Ledoux’s Theater of Besançon 
Paul Holmquist
08. Acoustics at 1:10: Miniaturizing Atmosphere 
Carlotta Darò
09. The Electronic Campanile at Ronchamp 
Joseph L. Clarke
10. Chromesthesia and the Multiverse of Listening in Music and Architecture: Luigi Nono in Collaboration with Renzo Piano 
Federica Goffi
11. Tools of Immersion: Drawing the Acoustic Atmosphere of the Philips Pavilion 
Elisavet Kiourtsoglou

Section #03: City Tunes
12. The Instrumentarium of Kircher: Premises of a Universal Phonurgy 
Cécile Regnault
13. Dissolving in the Air: Mrs. Dalloway’s Sonorous Modern London 
Angeliki Sioli
14. Lacrimae Rerum and Tears of Memory: Sonic Encounters in the Public Realm 
Karen Van Lengen
15. The Border between Sound and Silence: Sonic Preservation at the Berlin Wall 
Pamela Jordan
16. Listen and Write! Addressing Urban Soundscapes in Architectural Education 
Klaske Havik and Michael de Beer

17. On Atmospheres and Other Difficulties: A Conversation with Alberto Pérez-Gómez 
Angeliki Sioli
18. Places where Silence is Eloquent 
Ricardo L. Castro

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Format: Edited volume - ebook

Size: 230 × 170 mm

304 pages

Illustrated with colour section of 16 pp.

ISBN: 9789461664563

Publication: May 18, 2022

Languages: English: United States

Angeliki Sioli is assistant professor at the Department of Architecture, TU Delft.
Elisavet Kiourtsoglou is assistant professor at the Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries, University of Thessaly.
Akoestische sferen kunnen vluchtig, ongrijpbaar of van korte duur zijn. Soms zijn ze constant, maar vaker veranderen ze van het ene moment op het andere en vormen ze verschillende indrukken elke keer dat we bepaalde plaatsen bezoeken. Stabiel of dynamisch, akoestische sferen hebben een krachtig effect op onze ruimtelijke beleving, soms zelfs meer dan de architectuur zelf. Dit boek verkent de akoestische sferen van diverse architecturale omgevingen, in termen van schaal, functie, locatie of historische periode, en biedt een overzicht van hoe akoestische sferen worden gecreëerd, waargenomen, ervaren en gevisualiseerd.
Michel Dutrieue, Stretto, juli 2022