Nothing to It

Reading Freud as a Philosopher

Emmanuel Falque

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The special role of psychoanalysis in the development of phenomenology

The confrontation between philosophy and psychoanalysis has had its heyday. After the major debates between Paul Ricoeur, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, and Michel Henry, this dialogue now seems to have broken down. It has therefore proven necessary and gainful to revisit these debates to explore their re-usability and the degree to which they can provide new insights from a contemporary point of view. It can be said that contemporary philosophy suffers from an ‘excess of meaning’, and this is exactly where psychoanalysis comes in and may raise key questions. This is precisely what a philosophical reading of Freud demonstrates. To say ‘Nothing to It’ indicates that the ‘It’—or Freudian Id—is not visible as it never shows itself as a ‘phenomenon’. Such a reading of Freud exemplifies how psychoanalysis has a special role to play in phenomenology's development.

Translators: Robert Vallier (DePaul University), William L. Connelly (The Catholic University of Paris)

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Foreword by Philippe Van Haute


Opening Act
Philosophizing in psychoanalysis 
The doctrine of experience 
The other Rubicon 
The backlash 

Go take a look

Chapter One
Keep moving, nothing to see 
The end of the Enlightenment 
Toward another paradigm 
Collapse of the system 

Chapter Two
Beware of it 
Conceiving the inconceivable 
The disillusion of psychoanalysis 
Primitive man 

Chapter Three
It’s not nothing 
The drive at the frontier 
Rooting in the organic 
Presence and resistance 

Chapter Four
What is it? 
A disturbing uncanny 
Death and repetition 
The anorganic 

Chapter Five
It concerns me 
Being lived 
The knight of the Id 
Being there for something 

Chapter Six
It touches me 
Where the Id was 
The draining of the Zuyderzee 
The great cavalcade 

What’s God have to do with it? 
For the salvation of the Id 
Apart from it 
The realm of the Id 

Regarding all of it

Index rerum 
Index nominum 

Format: Monograph - paperback

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ISBN: 9789462702233

Publication: February 12, 2020

Series: Figures of the Unconscious

Languages: English

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Emmanuel Falque is honorary dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Paris. He is a widely published author in the field of phenomenology and continental philosophy.