The Truths of Psychoanalysis

Edited by Jasper Feyaerts and Paulo Beer

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Dealing with the matter of truth

Truth has always been a central philosophical category, occupying different fields of knowledge and practice. In the current moment of fake news and alternative facts, it is mandatory to revisit the various meanings of truth. Departing from various approaches to psychoanalytic theory and practice, the authors gathered in this book offer critical reflections and insights about truth and its effects. In articulations of psychoanalysis with (for instance) philosophy, ethics, and politics, the reader will find discussions about issues such as knowledge, love, and clinical practice, all marked by the matter of truth.

Contributors: Carin Franzén (Stockholm University), Derek Humphreys (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Christian Dunker (University of São Paulo), Peter Jansson (Dalarna University), Laurie Laufer (Université Paris Diderot), Patricia Gherovici (Das Unbehagen), Nicolas Evzonas (Université Paris Diderot), Mladen Dolar (University of Ljubljana), Augusto Ismerim (University of São Paulo), Jasper Feyaerts (Ghent University), Nelson da Silva Junior(University of São Paulo), Paulo Beer (University of São Paulo), Vladimir Safatle (University of São Paulo), Samo Tomšič (Humboldt University) 

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Jasper Feyaerts & Paulo Beer

Truth in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

Chapter 1
The Virtue of Truth, Ignorance, and Love
A Reflection on Lacan’s Theory of the Subject 
Carin Franzén

Chapter 2
Where the Truth Lies in Psychoanalysis
The Role of Fictional Construction 
Derek Humphreys

Chapter 3
Feminine Identification and Infinite Mourning
Christian Dunker

Chapter 4
The Truth of the Real 
Peter Jansson

Chapter 5
Truth and Sexuality
Foucault, the Genealogist of Psychoanalysis
Laurie Laufer

Chapter 6
Yearning to Be
Authenticity and Truth in Clinical Psychoanalytic Practice
Patricia Gherovici

Chapter 7
The Truth of Gender
Psychoanalysis’s Unthinkable Trauma 
Nicolas Evzonas

Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of Truth

Chapter 8
Sophist’s Choice
Mladen Dolar

Chapter 9
Consistency and Contradiction
Two Logical Aspects of Truth in Psychoanalysis
Augusto Ismerim

Chapter 10
On Saying More than One Knows
Psychoanalysis, Truth, and Subjectivity 
Jasper Feyaerts

Toward a Psychoanalytic Politics of Truth 

Chapter 11
The Politics of Truth and Its Transformation in Neoliberalism
The Subject-Supposed-to-Know in Algorithmic Times 
Nelson da Silva Junior

Chapter 12
Resistance and Truth
Between Psychoanalysis and Politics
Paulo Beer

Chapter 13
Revolution and Liquidation of Transference
The Subjective Destitution as a Procedure of Social Emancipation
Vladimir Safatle

Chapter 14
Critique of Epistemic Economy (Fragments)
Samo Tomšič

About the Authors 

Format: Edited volume - ebook - PDF

222 pages

ISBN: 9789461664167

Publication: January 26, 2022

Series: Figures of the Unconscious 18

Languages: English: United States

Jasper Feyaerts is a philosopher and doctor of clinical psychology (Ghent University), currently affiliated as a professor of clinical psychology with the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting (Ghent University) and the Centre for Contextual Psychiatry (KU Leuven).
Paulo Beer is a psychoanalyst, professor and researcher in São Paulo, Brazil.

Onze tijd van “post-truth politics”, met Trump als meest gekende exponent, heeft echter gesignaleerd dat we uiteindelijk geen emancipatie kunnen bereiken zonder het concept “waarheid” aan boord te houden. We zullen moeten leven met het besef dat waarheid intrinsiek ambigu en faalbaar is, maar dat zonder waarheid geen enkele horizon tot verandering kan worden bewerkstelligd. Dit boek wil dan ook het concept van “waarheid” opnieuw ondervragen vanuit psychoanalytisch perspectief, waarbij het realiteitsprincipe een complexe relatie bezit met de notie van fantasie binnen onze psyche en samenleving. - Aktief, 2023, nummer 4