Pietro Pomponazzi and the Renaissance Theory of the Elements

A Study with Editions of Unpublished Texts

Luca Burzelli

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First ever editions of texts on the elements from Pomponazzi’s lectures on De coelo, De sensu, Meteorologica and De generatione et corruptione.

In medieval and early modern natural philosophy, very few issues were as controversial as the nature of the elements. From the thirteenth up until the sixteenth century, European thinkers discussed this problem with growing interest. Defining the nature of the elements was key to deciphering the very structure of the universe and the essence of things. Along with four primary texts, here edited for the first time, this book discusses one of the most original contributions to this debate, that of Renaissance philosopher Pietro Pomponazzi (d. 1525). Pomponazzi’s account, developed in university lectures, holds significance for two reasons. First, it provides a thorough description of the most influential doctrines on the elements presented by medieval scholars, opening a window onto three hundred years of prior discussions on the topic. Second, Pomponazzi also develops his own views on the issue, explicitly defining them as ‘heretical’ to emphasise his departure from all opinions expressed before him.

Ebook available in Open Access. This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Format: Text edition - free ebook - PDF

335 pages

ISBN: 9789461665607

Publication: June 11, 2024

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 1

Languages: English

Luca Burzelli is postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at the University of Siegen and member of the De Wulf-Mansion Centre at the KU Leuven