Immanent Transcendence

Francisco Suárez’s Doctrine of Being

Victor Salas

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One of the first book-length English-language treatments devoted to Francisco Suárez’s metaphysics

Long considered one of late scholasticism’s most important thinkers, Francisco Suárez has, paradoxically enough, often been treated only in relation to other medieval authors or as a transitional figure in the shift from medieval to Early Modern philosophy. As such, his thought has often been obscured and framed in terms of an alien paradigm. This book seeks to correct such approaches and examines Suárez's metaphysical thinking as it stands on its own. Suárez is shown to be much more in line with his medieval predecessors who developed their accounts of being to express the theological commitments they had made. Central to Suárez’s account is a fundamental existential orientation, one that many interpreters have overlooked in favour of an understanding of being as reduced to essence or to the thinkable.

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Format: Monograph - ebook

300 pages

ISBN: 9789461664877

Publication: November 15, 2022

Series: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - Series 1 62

Languages: English

Victor M. Salas is an associate professor of Philosophy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.