Call for Proposals | CeMIS Migration and Intercultural Studies

Since 2017, CeMIS Migration and Intercultural Studies Series has published books at the Leuven University Press, on the topic of migration and intercultural studies, and related to research and networks of the CeMIS research centre.

The Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) was founded in 2005 at the University of Antwerp, at the initiative of a group of researchers who were working together within the framework of the Antwerp Centre for Migrant Studies. CeMIS is an interdisciplinary research centre that has received national and international praise for its work. The centre conducts research as well as providing education and other academic services relating to migration, integration, and intercultural themes in various social fields, including education, the labour market, welfare, family, health, and law.

Collaborating with civil society, policymakers, and other academic partners, the research centre addresses the challenges arising from migration and intercultural life in today’s society. CeMIS seeks to provide an open and pluralistic research platform that fosters collaboration between society and academia.

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Call for proposals for edited volumes and books

CeMIS Migration and Intercultural Studies welcomes all edited volumes and books in line with their mission. CeMIS’ objective is to bring together the available research expertise within various disciplines and better understand the complexity of migration and intercultural coexistence. The centre wants to promote the understanding of the impact of migration and intercultural processes on daily life in a globalised and diverse society. CeMIS pursues this social objective with interdisciplinary, fundamental and applied scientific research and academic education.

The centre focuses on five major areas of research:
• Integration & Education
• Integration & Newcomers/Refugees
• Migration & Climate Change
• Migration & Refugees
• Migration & Digital Space

In addition, CeMIS provides a pluralistic and open platform for various stakeholders, such as universities and university colleges, governments and civil society, allowing them to establish a dialogue with a view to developing and acquiring science-based and policy-relevant insights into the themes of migration and integration.

International outreach
All books in this series will be published in English and written for an international audience of scholars and policy makers. They are submitted to peer review and therefore receive the quality label ‘Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content’ (GPRC).

The CeMIS Series is distributed and promoted worldwide. Within Europe, Leuven University Press collaborates with distribution partners such as CB and NBN International. In North America, the series is distributed by Cornell University Press, Leuven University Press’ structural partner in the US and Canada. Next to an international network of distributors and booksellers, Leuven University Press makes use of digital platforms such as JSTOR, Project Muse, Amazon and Google Books to ensure maximum visibility of its titles.

Leuven University Press also supports Open Access publishing and authors may seek support from the KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access.

Series board
Lore Van Praag (University of Antwerp), Dirk Vanheule (University of Antwerp), Noel Clycq (University of Antwerp), Sunčica Vujić (University of Antwerp), Paul Van Royen (University of Antwerp), Godfried Engbersen (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Kevin Smets (University of Antwerp /Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Hilde Greefs (University of Antwerp), François Levrau (Centre Pieter Gillis/ University of Antwerp)

To submit a manuscript or proposal, please email to An Daems (