Leuven University Press presents new series 'Recollection'

Recollection. Experimental reflections on Texts, Images and Ideas reaches out to an audience seeking to understand any aspect of the visual medium along the history of mankind in the fields of art history, philosophy, theology, comparative literature, cultural anthropology, and psychoanalysis. The series not only continues the already intensive international dialogue between these disciplines, but also serves as a platform for new thoughts, experimental reflections, or forgotten insights at the crossroads of the visual, the historical, and the theoretical.

Recollection is founded by Barbara Baert (www.arts.kuleuven.be / www.illuminare.be) in response to her being awarded the Belgian Francqui Prize Human Sciences 2016 (www.francquifoundation.be). Recollection is a token of gratitude and a sign of encouragement for the arts, interdisciplinarity, and new generations of artists and scholars.

Opening volume forthcoming in 2019: Textile Matrices, curated by Ellen Harlizius-Klück

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  • The Astrological Autobiography of a Medieval Philosopher
  • De kracht van wetenschap
  • Gender and Migration
  • Hedendaagse biografieën over vroegmoderne lieden
  • Logic of Experimentation
  • Cardinal Mercier in the First World War
  • The United States of Belgium
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  • Summa (Quaestiones ordinariae) art. LX-LXII
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