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Cover picture: Baru (2010) Fais péter les basses, Bruno!, Paris: Futuropolis, p. 125. © Baru and Futuropolis; all rights reserved. Reproduced with the kind permission of Baru.


Like many organisations, we have been confronted with unprecedented challenges over the past few months due to COVID-19. Yet we have managed to stay committed to supporting our authors, readers, colleagues, customers and business partners as usual, and will continue to do so in the future.

Although we have been working from home, we have published a stack of new titles and are in the middle of compiling our Fall 2020 Catalogue. Since June we have partially returned to the office.

In July and August our (home) office will remain open, but at times with less staff. We apologise for possible delays in answering your enquiries. We will be back fully operational in September, when we will also announce our forthcoming Fall titles.

In the meantime, we are already very excited to offer you a sneak preview of our Fall 2020 Catalogue. The catalogue will feature new cutting-edge titles on music, art, visual culture, literature, history, philosophy, religion, postcolonialism, migration, gender and diversity.

We wish you a safe and healthy summer!

The Leuven UP team

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Latest Catalogue


  • Children’s Literature in Translation
  • Religion, Colonization and Decolonization in Congo, 1885-1960. Religion, colonisation et décolonisation au Congo, 1885-1960
  • Psychical Realism
  • Peter de Rivo on Chronology and the Calendar
  • The Figure of Knowledge
  • Arrival Cities
  • Migration at Work
  • Saving the Overlooked Continent
  • Taal en de wereld
  • Interculturaliteit en de geesteswetenschappen
  • Slagen voor het toelatingsexamen van arts en tandarts
  • Leren in maatschappelijk betrokken onderwijs - tweede editie
  • Humble Women, Powerful Nuns
  • Listening to the Other
  • Performance, Subjectivity, and Experimentation
  • Robert Schumann
  • Across Anthropology
  • The Congo in Flemish Literature
  • Studies in the Latin Literature and Epigraphy of Italian Fascism
  • Shifting Interfaces
  • Comics of the New Europe
  • Ons verste verleden
  • Wetenschap in een veranderende wereld
  • The Housing Project
  • The Portrait and the Colonial Imaginary
  • Nothing to It
  • European Perspectives for Public Administration
  • Una lingua morta per letterature vive: il dibattito sul latino come lingua letteraria in età moderna e contemporanea
  • Welkom in Antwerpen?
  • Oil Wealth and Development in Uganda and Beyond
  • Wiskunde voor economen: concepten en technieken uit de wiskundige analyse
  • Lumumba in the Arts
  • Digital Reason
  • The Survival of the Jesuits in the Low Countries, 1773-1850
  • As German as Kafka
  • Rusland, onveranderlijk anders?
  • Aberrant Nuptials
  • Kerken bouwen langs Maas en Rijn na 1945
  • Van fabrieksterrein tot Technologiecampus Gent
  • Voices, Bodies, Practices
  • Christian Democracy and the Fall of Communism