Celebrating 50 Years of Leuven University Press!

UPL 50

Turning Inspiring Scholarship into Outstanding Publications

Established in 1971 Leuven University Press is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

The world of scholarly communication is highly dynamic, constantly evolving, and adapting to new changes and challenges. And so are we! Throughout our 50 years of publishing academic books and journals, innovation and flexibility have gone hand in hand with quality and consistency.

On its 50th anniversary we can proudly state that our publishing house has acquired a solid reputation, not least by adapting quickly and adequately to key developments within the publishing field in recent years. In partnership with the academic community at large, Leuven University Press embraces new technologies, particularly those that enable us to disseminate scholarly content to an international reading audience in a smooth, user-friendly, and reliable manner.

Systematically made available both in digital form and in print, our books and journals are marketed and distributed worldwide through all major sales channels, both online and in brick-and-mortar bookshops. Furthermore, our OA book collection is thriving. Scholars around the world can freely access a steadily growing collection of Leuven University Press ebooks, unhampered by financial or geographical barriers, while affordable paperback editions are simultaneously available for those readers who prefer a tangible publication.

We look forward to a festive year in which we will celebrate our 50th anniversary together with our authors, editors, series boards, readers, customers, and supporters. Our website will host an anniversary blog offering multiple reflections on the affordances and challenges of academic publishing today.

To further underline the importance we attach to Open Access and Open Science, we will make a selected backlist title permanently available in Open Access each month. So keep an eye on our website www.lup.be and social media (facebook, twitter, linkedIn) and stay posted on our publication programme and special offers!

Meanwhile, we keep publishing original and inspiring scholarly work. This
catalogue presents our new and forthcoming titles for Spring-Summer 2021.
Have a good read!

Veerle De Laet
Director, Leuven University Press

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