Book launch event and symposium | Art Platform Japan | 23 February, Tokyo

Art Platform Japan

The translation initiative of Art Platform Japan (APJ) has commissioned the translation of two books that will shed new light on the narrative of contemporary Japanese art, hoping that these publications will elevate the understanding of and give better exposure to artists from Japan and artists working in Japan. History of Japanese Art after 1945: Institutions, Discourse, Practice surveys the development of art in Japan since World War II, and Anarchy of the Body: Undercurrents of Performance Art in 1960s Japan in which art historian KuroDalaiJee explores vital pieces of postwar Japanese avant-garde history by contextualizing the social, cultural, and political trajectories of artists across Japan in the 1960s.

Alongside the launch of the overseas publication of the two books, Art Platform Japan (APJ) will hold a book release event featuring talks between the authors, Mitsuda Yuri and KuroDalaiJee, moderated by Kajiya Kenji, Nakajima Izumi, Odate Natsuko, and Yamamoto Hiroki. The event will also be streamed on YouTube, and will be archived and viewable on the APJ website.

February 23, 2pm, with livestream
The National Art Center, Tokyo (3F Auditorium)

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