Special messages and wishes on our 50th anniversary

We are very proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary together with all our authors, editors, series boards, readers, and partners who have supported us over the years.


“Over the years, in the remarkably expert hands of its successive female directors and staff, Leuven University Press has functioned as a weaving loom for its authors. Active within an impressive range of scientific disciplines, Leuven University Press continues to be an essential stepping stone for the development of numerous successful academic careers.”
Hilde Van Gelder, Professor of Contemporary Art History, KU Leuven

“The publication of my manuscript by Leuven University Press was the crown on my work. Clear agreements, professional guidance, personal interest, careful editing, and a clever and proactive marketing plan made the process a pleasure. My greatest appreciation is that this press takes its authors serious.”
Hans Krabbendam, Catholic Documentation Centre, Radboud University

“Leuven University Press is everything what a university press should be. A mission-driven partner, providing high-quality publication solutions which fit the needs and wishes of the academic community. I am particularly impressed with the way they are handling the transition to Open Access. Leuven University Press has managed to establish itself as a trustworthy partner in Open Access publishing, sharing the same scholarly ideals as the academic community, while maintaining traditional standards of excellence, both of content and of form, and ensuring also a physical component which is still appreciated by many readers. The result is a marriage of all that was good in the past and all that is good in the present, benefitting both authors and the academic community at large.”
Demmy Verbeke, KU Leuven Libraries

"My experience with Leuven University Press has been unquestionably positive for almost thirty years now. University Press Leuven has always supported our faculty series Avisos de Flandes, never giving in to the all-in-English syndrome, so that the original focus of the series could be maintained all along. And even though Leuven University Press evolved from a few staff members and some attic rooms in the university administration building to the current professional team and office infrastructure , the personal approach in the guidance of authors and series editors has always remained."
Werner Thomas, Early Modern History Research Group, KU Leuven

“A professional, enthusiastic and flexible collaboration based on trust and respect.”
Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse, KU Leuven

"Working with Leuven University Press has been a very positive experience. The team was highly professional and accompanied every step in the development of my book project with great dedication and care. I was especially impressed by the quality of the book design and the efforts made to promote my book internationally. My experience in working with Leuven University Press convinced me that this is one of the most professional university presses in continental Europe."
Jeroen Dewulf, Queen Beatrix Professor in Dutch Studies, University of California, Berkeley

"I have worked with a number of publishers over the years but have never experienced such courtesy and efficiency. The press is a very smoothly run operation."
Simon Dell, University of East Anglia

"Leuven Univerisity Press has quickly built excellent practice and experience with open access book publishing. Combined with digital printing, your publication can have a maximal outreach and impact!"
Patrick Degryse, KU Leuven

"For 50 years Leuven University Press has been a true heir to the profound wisdom enshrined in Virgil’s Aeneid: mens agitat molem. Leuven University Press has done so by offering and supporting high quality scholarly communication and insights in a rigorous and lasting way."
Koenraad Debackere, Professor, KU Leuven 

"Together with Guido De Clercq, General Manager of the KU Leuven in 1971, we took the initiative to create Leuven University Press. Guido De Clercq became its first General Manager and I its first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. When Guido left the University in 1982, I was elected General Manager (1982-1985). The Press started as a small, delicate sapling grafted onto the university's solid values, and thanks to the efforts of Guido and the dedication and competence of its staff, initially in particular Hilde Lens and Beatrice Van Eeghem, Leuven University Press grew into a sturdy and flourishing tree: a very successful Press with a high international scientific reputation. My warmest congratulations!"
Herman Van der Wee, Professor Emeritus, KU Leuven


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